Exciting times in Cones at Live Oak

The wind is blowing at Live Oak

The wind is blowing at Live Oak

As the sky turned darker and the wind continued to blow, I heard over the radio “are you alright?”  Not knowing what had happened, my phone rang and it was Richard asking me to bring the car all the way down to the announcer’s tent – at the very far and opposite side of the cones arena.  They were moving out!  Apparently the front part let loose and hit everyone in the face, knocking Richard’s glasses off his face.

Thanks to Dave and Boots Wright, Dave drove their bus up from the stabling area and after a lot of moving things around, cords, radios, computers, etc. Richard and Geoff are comfortably installed in splendid comfort.

Thank you Boots and Dave Wright.  The show goes on.

Thank you Boots and Dave Wright. The show goes on.

The jump standards have been blowing over, hats are coming off almost every driver.  Maybe three dozen spectators are in the stands, and I hear not too many are in the sponsors’ tent.

The USEF National Pair Championship class is in the ring now. Rae Fisher has won the class, however since he is a Canadian, he is not eligible for the National Championship.  Lisa Singer started in second place but a couple of balls down and time penalties gave Misdee Wrigley Miller the National Championship.

The volunteers are terrific to stay through all this.  The rain is pouring down now and thunder has been heard.  The dilemma is that all the drivers are already down at the warm-up ring, but it has been decided to put a hold on the show.  The driver are going to head back to the stables.


2 responses to “Exciting times in Cones at Live Oak

  1. Watching it live on USEF network has been wonderful. It is easy to see this is “a bad horse day”…not that the horses are bad, but the volatile weather is adding a wrinkle to the driving as well as scoring! Hang in there! Great show!

  2. Great pics Ann…looks like you got the wind we had here in New Mexico yesterday, sorry! Take care.

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