Driving Digest on Driving Radio Show

I was very happy to be interviewed about Driving Digest magazine on the Driving Radio Show. You can follow the link below and find all the different ways that you can listen.  Also on this week’s show was Heather Walker about the USEF Driving Committee and the winner of the Hanzi Award at Live Oak


This has been a particularly busy week.  Both the deadline for getting the editorial and advertising material for the May issue pulled together and off to the designer, and Southern Pines CDE entries closed April 1 have had me working some long hours.

Sixty-five are entered at Southern Pines CDE.  The event is hosting the USEF Pony Championship for single, pair, and four-in-hands of ponies.  The event is held at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, N.C.  April 12-14.  Come and watch!

Driving Essentials, Pleasurethyme Carriage Companions, Beading Babes, Gore Trailers, Stoned on Lake Huron (stone bird houses) and other vendors will be set up near the dressage/cones areas.  The event has two – 2! water obstacles set side by side for double the excitement.


2 responses to “Driving Digest on Driving Radio Show

  1. Wow, busy week! Thanks for all you do to keep us informed….enjoy your
    “down time”.

  2. Will you be blogging from Southern Pines or will you be too busy with all your other duties?

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