And Now For Southern Pines CDE

As many readers of Driving Digest know, I am not a competitor.  I’m not even an active driver, but I have been very active as a combined driving event secretary for many, many years.  So much of blog for the Southern Pines CDE will be from my perspective as an organizer.

Even with experience, being secretary for a fairly large event takes up a full week – 10-12 hour days.  Some organizations divide the responsibilities more than we do here, but we find fewer people to be more efficient in many ways.

Southern Pines is hosting the USEF National Pony Championships this year.  I’m very pleased that all the pony classes have at least three in them, but it’s not a lot. On the other hand – 17 single ponies are entered in the Preliminary division.

The grounds at the Carolina Horse Park have never looked better.  It helps that last weekend was the Stoneybrook Steeplechase so the place was really fluffed for that.  Although it was slightly disconcerting to see what was going on in and around the obstacles in the infield of the track.  An estimated 10,000 people came to watch 5 races!

In someone’s effort to be helpful – almost all of Section A – which was not near the  track area – was taken down yesterday! When Richard Pringle, assistant course designer to Richard Nicoll, and the one who does 90% of the work on the CDE course discovered this, it was not a pretty sight!

Our technical delegate Ian Douglas arrived last evening from Great Britain, having not heard about Margaret Thatcher’s death until he arrived.   Tomorrow all the other officials arrive. The temperature has gone from barely 60s last week to 80 + today.  At least it will force the dogwood and azaleas into bloom.

A couple of competitors arrived today, but the bulk will arrive tomorrow.

Good evening!


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