Marathon at Southern Pines

A lovely day – temps in mid 70s, sunny skies.  The Preliminary is on course now and the Intermediate is about to begin.  Early morning chaos is over, and it’s very quiet in the scoring/secretary office. Chaos will begin again after the marathon is over.

A pet peeve of mine is the drivers who don’t send their navigators to the office to sign their entry blanks and require repeated calls over the PA system.  It would be understandable it they were new competitors, but it’s the most experienced ones that are always on the list.

I think more than a few Preliminary drivers will be disappointed to learn that they have been eliminated. Several have missed course gates and a couple even missed an in-gate at an obstacle. The Preliminary Single Pony class is by far the biggest of the show with 17 entries.

I’m hearing comments that drivers thought the marathon was going to be harder than it was, and actually drove very well.  Even those who got the big E were very pleased with  their horses and ponies  and were happy with that.

The cones course has already been set up and approved so competitors will be able to walk it as soon as the marathon is over.


One response to “Marathon at Southern Pines

  1. thanks for the current data! Miss being there, but Deirdre’s first sale day was amazing – all kinds of people wondering what in the world a water hook was, never touching the collars, harness, or bits – trying bridoons for belt buckles, buying trace buckles for belts, harness hooks for hoses, and bozals for a dress show decor rack, decorating a house with large stable light bulbs. Lots of lead lines at $1 each sold, saddle pads at @2, not one single liverpool or coaching bit for $10!!!

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