Thoughts from Dressage Day

Being a CDE secretary isn’t hard work, it’s just constant mental motion.  By the time the day was over, I felt physically tired, even though I spent 95% of the day in the office sitting at a table.

We were lucky that the big storm came on Thursday night and was over by 7 a.m.  However a teeny-tiny storm cell developed and hit just about when Josh Rector with his four-in-hand was doing dressage. It didn’t last much longer than an FEI dressage test, but took everyone by surprise so no one had time to don raingear.

While dressage was going on, Richard worked on the marathon schedule.  Normally, it takes a few seconds to create with the scoring program, however with so many people sharing navigators, carriages, and even going twice, it took about 2 hours worth of juggling back and forth.  I don’t think anyone realizes just how much extra work it is when people want to share equipment and navigators.

Thanks to Pics of You for the following photos. I never got my camera out 😦

Lisa Stroud

Lisa Stroud

Wendy O'Brien

Wendy O’Brien

Championship Prizes!

Championship Prizes!

Suzy Stafford

Suzy Stafford



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