A Sunny Saturday at Martin’s Auction

Sunny skies and warm temperatures made the field day at Martin’s Auction very pleasant.  I have to say it is quite impressive to watch the entire operation.  While Friday’s session was all indoors with the hustle and bustle of carriages rolling on and off the sales floor, small items being sold by a second auctioneer in another area, today it was quiet and peaceful inside.  All the action was outside.

Thousands of items were laid out in row upon row on the grass.  A couple of tents held riding tack and other horse related stuff.  Under cover were more carriages.

At least five auctioneers with portable speaker systems moved up and down the rows spending just seconds on each item.  If one was interested in several items in different rows, one needed to be in two places at one time – or have a friend or two to help.  I was fascinated with the variety of items.  Bird cages, garden statuary, a lobster pot, a wooden pail full of wooden rolling pins, farm implements in various stages of age and condition and much more were scattered among the horse related items.  Where did all this stuff come from?  The interested bidders would move in close to make their bids.  After a few seconds the item was sold and the bidder’s number written on the card by a helper, while another helper wrote information on a sheet on a clipboard.  Those bidders would retreat and the next couple would move in. I never realized just how many people were involved with this auction.

The day was so pleasant that people would linger to chat and perch on some of the benches and chairs before they were sold.  I had a nice chat with some of my MIchigan friends until our chairs went on the block.

For Jill Ryder and me, it was like old times at Martin’s.  For years when I was with the ADS I went to almost every carriage auction, even those in California.  Our booths were side by side and we had many fun times.  I’m very glad to reestablish this tradition.  (The friendship has always been intact.) I’ve been assured my space for the Driving Digest table would be available next year!

While I spent the weekend at the sale, Richard commuted to Glen Willow to work on planning the track for the September event.  Today he met with Lisa Stroud and Newt Brosius.  A new obstacle is being built and some plans were made to change the second water obstacle to that the water depth will be shallower.  The new obstacle will have a railroad theme.

I had great fun at Martin’s – spoke to hundreds of people – and am looking forward to next year.


2 responses to “A Sunny Saturday at Martin’s Auction

  1. West coasters are looking forward to the possible return of Martin’s this fall. Sure would be nice again to see everyone and everything to do with carriage.

  2. Kent Brownridge

    Nancy Rojo writes that she’s hoping for the return of Martin’s to the west coast. If this comes to pass, I wonder if she’ll give Karen and Paul an earful of her theories on organized scurries.

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