Elk Creek Dressage and Cones Day

Richard is scoring from the front seat of our Pacific, like last year.  It’s shady under this tree, but a little cramped.

I’m in love with a Training Level horse who was taking advantage of a shady place while waiting to do  dressage.  Kennebec Storm Chaser is a beautiful Morgan, chestnut with strawberry blond mane and tail.  He is a grandson of Margaret Gardiner’s Kennebec Count made famous by Larry Poulin in the 80s.  What made me love it even more is that his owner/driver Deborah Spalding from Leonardtown, Pa., has turned out with a beautiful russet harness with real brass fittings.  It is so wonderful to see a traditional turnout in this day and age of marathon turnouts for everything.  And I totally understand and am not being critical – its just that beautiful is beautiful.  Deborah loves to turnout in the traditional style.  She says she doesn’t like to dress up to go out to dinner, but she loves to dress up to drive.

Kennebec Storm Chaser

Kennebec Storm Chaser

The officials have waived wearing of jackets for dressage and cones, and sleeveless blouses are ok for ladies, but no tank tops!  Some, I’m sure, would rather go without the hot aprons as well.

It was unusual that no penalties were given for errors of course in dressage nor eliminations in cones at Elk Creek.  Mary Mott Koscis made sure that all the volunteers were well fed and well hydrated during the hot day.

Awards for best dressage and cones were given before the competitors’ party. Bev Lesher, in charge of the party, explained that the centerpieces on the tables were Impatients, and counseled drivers not to be impatient on tomorrow’s marathon.

Chet Halka, Intermediate Pair Horse.

Chet Halka, Intermediate Pair Horse.

Susan Gregorio driving a Mustang

Susan Gregorio driving a Mustang

Dan Rosenthal and his Preliminary Pair of Dartmoors

Dan Rosenthal and his Preliminary Pair of Dartmoors


2 responses to “Elk Creek Dressage and Cones Day

  1. VaDriving@aol.com

    Ann, are Dan Rosenthal’s Dartmoor’s out of Muffy Seaton’s breeding? She had one of our Battersea mares she bred for few years to her Dartmoor studs? Thanks – enjoying your updates!!! Frank Calhoun, Battersea Stud

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