Elk Creek Marathon

MORNING: Still quite warm, but more of a breeze today.  I am in the scoring booth (air-conditioned!!!) so may not get to see much of the marathon since the office is so far away from the obstacle area.  The VSEs started off on Section E at the same time others started off on Section A.

At Elk Creek, because the marathon is on Sunday, they give out awards as each class is finished.  No big awards ceremony.  It lets people get on the road as soon as they have finished.

AFTERNOON: Just a few more to go, and it is just starting to sprinkle. I know everyone appreciates the cloud cover and slightly cooler temperatures.  A nice touch, a vendor gives competitors and navigators cups of delicious  ice cream or Italian ice after they’ve finished the marathon.

Many people have already packed up and left for home.  No frills, just fun here at Elk Creek.

I never left the scoring office so can’t put any photos on this blog 😦

It’s official.  The marathon is over with no accidents!  See complete results at Driving News.  http://www.drivingnews.us



4 responses to “Elk Creek Marathon

  1. Thank you Ann for the blog. It is a great chance for our parents back home to get the feel and vibe of a CDE.

  2. So nice to have this available for friends and family to see. Had a great time at Elk Creek. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and volunteers made the weekend perfect and I didn’t think the weather was as big a factor as it could have been. The breeze was great and the shade in the woods was wonderful.
    Thanks to all who helped make it happen!

  3. thanks for doing this Ann…where can we find the photographers who were out on the marathon course? I dont see a link to view their pics anyplace…
    Kate F

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