Marathon day at Metamora CDE

It was a good day.  The weather was almost perfect – low 70s, overcast, slightly humid, but with a little breeze.

The VSEs started out doing Section E only.  The first one turned over in the Milner’s Cabin but all is well and it is always good to know that an incident can be handled swiftly and efficiently.  Another didn’t see a large rock and tipped over – again, no drama.  We had a couple of competitors with equipment failure who were justly disappointed not to be able to finish the marathon.  The officials took care of all the other little issues very expeditiously so once the scores were posted, no questions arose, and the volunteers were released immediately.

The marathon was over by 1:30.  With only 41 entries, and 10 of them only doing a combined test, it was a very short day.  Now competitors are walking the cones course in earnest.  It has been up and open since Thursday afternoon, but all their concentration has been on dressage and marathon.

The competitors’ party starts soon.  The food is always good, the beverages plenty, and the camaraderie excellent.  Some awards will be given out, including the special Otto Siegmund Award.  Otto was a regular Presentation official at the MCDE.  While he lived in Massachusetts, he attended Michigan State for his veterinary degree and always enjoyed being asked to officiate at Metamora.  Sadly, fewer people are around who knew him and it is their loss.


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