Driving Digest at the National Drive

Another gathering of carriage drivers from all over the USA have met at the Kentucky Horse Park for the National Drive.  It’s reassuring to arrive and see all is the same as the when we left last year:  the big tent that spans the distance across the aisle between two rows of stalls,  the vendors in their regular places: Hat’s Off Boutique among many others.  Kristy Warrington is ready to welcome all.  

When I arrived, the Driving Digest banner had been put up on the stall normally reserve for us. Of course it was the old banner, but we left it up and put our new banner beneath it .  

Mike Lyon, President of TND reports about the same number of participants as last year.  They arrive, unload, settle in and eventually report in harness to be evaluated for safety by the men in orange hats and given their stickers indicating that they are allowed to venture out and explore the Kentucky Horse Park at will. 

The morning briefing included a talk by Safety Officer Melissa Boyd and one by Donny Nuessle  about the day’s marked driving routes. All are cautioned about the dressage competition with whom we must share the facility. 

The weather is perfect.  

More vendors than ever are available to take your debit cards, cash and checks.  Driving Essentials, Ideal Harness, Bowman Harness, Pleasurethyme Harness, the ADS, Hats Off Boutiique, are just a few.  Lessons with Bill Lower, Melissa Boyd, Sterling Graburn, Stacey Giere are filling up. 

I spent part of the day at Hillcroft Farm, talking with Misdee Wrigley Miller about her stable for an article in a future issue of Driving Digest, and stopped into the CAA office for a visit with Jill Ryder.  A wine and cheese and much more ended the day.  


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  1. Mary Ruth Marks

    Thanks for the report Ann.

    Sent from my iPhone Mary Ruth Marks “The Driving Force in Real Estate” Bunbury & Assoc. Realtors (608) 513-7490


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