Pine Tree CDE

This is the 10th Pine Tree CDE, held at Big Sky Farm in Southern Pines, NC.  I love this event.  After some of the ‘big’ events that take up the most part of a week, a two-day event is refreshing.  (Not to mention being able to stay in my home at night!) However, having said that, Pine Tree has added a Combined Test on Friday, which technically adds a day, but still, Pine Tree is a very relaxed, well-organized event.

Early on, entries for the CD were light, due to a mistake in the Omnibus listing, but as of this morning, I think over 20 are on the list.  This meant that the schedule changed several times over the last couple of days as people continued to enter.  A different cones course will be used today, and the judges will shift positions so those doing dressage in both the CT and CDE will get a different perspective.

Larry Poulin, Lisa Singer and Nancy Tomlinson are the judges, Keith Yutzy is the TD and Richard Pringle is the course designer and the scorer.

A new obstacle was built for this year.  I’ll get a photo and post it later.  It is very attractive and uses a different kind of construction to attach the rails to the posts.

Southern Pines has had some unusual weather this fall.  Lots of rain and very gray skies.  Not the normal Carolina blue skies and lots of sun.

A lot of new names are on the list – this is a very good thing.  We are missing some from the Aiken group as the World Pony Championship in Pau, France is just around the corner.  Jennifer Matheson and Wendy O’Brien are there, as is Paul Maye, and Tracey Morgan, who are often Pine Tree competitors.


2 responses to “Pine Tree CDE

  1. Holliday M Pulsifer

    I wish I could be there with you!

  2. We wish you were here too. Happy Birthday!

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