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Check Your Mailbox – The November issue is out

The November/December issue of Driving Digest was mailed Nov. 4.  I know many of you await each issue eagerly, but patience is sometimes required because  the Post Office isn’t always as speedy as we’d like them to be.  

One of the articles is on the World Pair Championships.  It seems a little strange reading about that when the World Combined Pony Championships was just last weekend.  We’ll have that coverage in the next issue thanks to Mary Phelps who was there for Driving Digest.  She took thousands of photos, so I’m sure we’ll have some very beautiful and exciting ones to look forward to. 

I know I wasn’t alone waking up at O-dark hundred on Saturday morning to watch the Live Feed of the marathon.  In fact the entire competition could be seen via computer.  How incredible!  How things have changed!  Obviously it isn’t quite as good as being there, but it was cheaper.  And in some ways, it might have been better.  All of the obstacles were covered, and while they rarely were able to show a particular driver in all 8, usually they managed to get them in two or three.  

The coverage gave a sense of the crowds (not many in my opinion compared to championships in other parts of Europe), the footing, the weather.  And when combined with reading the complete results (available on http://www.DrivingNews.US) the view from our armchairs was quite complete

Our challenge at Driving Digest will be to offer our readers something they didn’t see on the Live Feed or on Facebook or was able to glean from reading the results. We will meet that challenge.  Meanwhile, I have no doubt that you’ll enjoy reading this issue when it arrives.