Congratulations Suzy Stafford

We just finished watching the Advanced Single Horse cones at Live Oak via Live Feed.  Suzy Stafford has brought yet another horse to the top.  We look forward to seeing her at the USEF Single Horse Championship in Southern Pines in a couple of weeks.

If you were watching  the cones, you might have noticed two sets of cones that were white instead of orange. The new rules allow a maximum of two sets on a course that can be set at a narrower clearance than the others, but they have to be designated by a different color.  Always something new!

Always something new to learn as well, with the prize giving.  I noticed that they gave out the ribbons in the warm-up area instead of presenting them one at a time when they were in the ring.  I’m assuming this was to save time, as they have to get cones over with quickly so that the jumping classes can start on time.

Another advantage of watching the action via computer, especially for the marathon, we can see drivers in several obstacles without breaking a sweat!

Unless something extremely unusual happens, Chester Weber will win yet another USEF National Four-in-Hand Championship in just a few minutes!



One response to “Congratulations Suzy Stafford

  1. How neat to watch it live! Big time at last.

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