Southern Pines CDE – the 8th

Thought I would write a short post today, as I know people are anxious to see something on Driving News about Southern Pines – like dressage schedules, etc.  Richard Pringle is busy building and marking the course and so getting the schedule posted has taken a back seat.  This should be remedied shortly as the course is finished.  The TD, Ian Douglas, has made his inspection. Course Designer Richard Nicoll has tweaked some of his obstacle gating.  The jury is due to inspect tomorrow morning.  However, the President of the Jury, Anne-Marie Turbe’s flight was delayed for 3 hours in Paris, so she won’t be here tonight.

The dressage schedule is posted on the board at the Carolina Horse Park office.  And actually, the Advanced Single Horses won’t know exactly when they will drive their tests and we are doing an actual ‘draw’ like they did in the dark ages.  But it is fun (for us anyway) and they get a bottle of champagne for being patient.  Their tests will start mid afternoon.  We have 11 vying for the National Championship title, with Leslie Berndl very keen to win back-to-back championships.

The weather is going to be fantastic. No chance of rain, high 70s.  The Horse Park looks beautiful.

In the morning, the students from the local college will come and do chair massage – a very popular tradition here at Southern Pines CDE.  And they are returning on Saturday so can get the kinks out of the drivers and navigators after the marathon.


One response to “Southern Pines CDE – the 8th

  1. Dreams Cone True Farm, Carlisle, PA, is rooting for Suzy Stafford and Hunny! Do your thing, Suzy!

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