Southern Pines Marathon and Cones

Leslie Berndl and Travis - USEF National Singles Champion

Leslie Berndl and Travis – USEF National Singles Champions

A collective sigh of relief by the organizers and officials when the marathon ended on Saturday with no accidents.  However a few competitors tried valiantly to have their penalties overturned.

It was a beautiful day, and spectators were able to find some shade under the trees near the two water obstacles.  Golf carts shuttled spectators out to the obstacles, but not before they walked past the vendors and had a chance to shop.  Trailers, carriages, harness, jewelry, soap, whips and many other things were on display.

The officials were vigilant to make sure no one was over-using their whips.

The massage therapy students were set up again all day to relieve the competitors of their tight muscles before and after their marathons.

The competitors’ party was held at Claire Reid’s Big Sky Farm in Southern Pines with a endless salad bar, beef tenderloin  (all you could eat) desserts ensured to put any pounds lost during the weekend back on.

The cones course ran on schedule or even a little ahead.  Using the Stone Henge element built for the CCI+++ event a couple of weeks earlier, the course looked beautiful.  The sponsors were served a lovely brunch as the watched the Preliminary class go first, followed by the Advanced.  The USEF Single Horse Championship class was very exciting.  Leslie Berndl made it back-to-back championships


One response to “Southern Pines Marathon and Cones

  1. Of course Leslie won again.
    Travis would have it no other way !

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