Martin’s Spring Sale

The sale got underway at 9 a.m. selling carriages.  Again, it seems as if it still is a buyer’s market.  I did hear a cheer from the crowd when one carriage brought $20,000.  But people told me bargains abound.  People like John Greenall, Mike Zaetta, and others.  

It was a very chilly day – more so inside than out.  Down, turtlenecks, vests, were the preferred attire.  Those not so fortunate sought warmth from their cars.  Late in the afternoon a storm passed through, and volunteers were recruited  to bring the sold carriages back inside.  

About noon, a second auctioneer began to sell books in another corner of the hall.  Not long after that, a third auctioneer started selling the area with prints and artwork. Every now and then, a big silence occurred which was a welcome, if brief, respite to the drone. Although, it is amazing how we all cope and tune it out until we need to focus when something we are interested in comes on the block.  

Lots of people stopped by the Driving Digest table, and I was happy to welcome new subscribers, advertisers, and those renewing.  And I was very, very, happy to hear all the compliments about the new look and expanded content from everyone – young and old.  We are batting 1000!  Thank you everyone for your contributions and support.  

I think the Driving Digest table was a gathering place for all our Michigan friends.  A loyal bunch come to Martin’s every sale and we see more of them this weekend than we do when we’re  back up north. 

The sale will undoubtedly go on into the evening.  We abandoned our table for a quiet dinner and early evening.  Tomorrow is the field sale.  The rain should be gone and hopefully the sun will shine.  


One response to “Martin’s Spring Sale

  1. Ann, As discussed at the Martin Sale, these are the emails I have been receiving from you. I am glad I am now signed up to receive the Magazine at home. John W. (Jack) Friel

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